HIGH PRECISION CUTTING. microwaterjet® offers the perfect solution.

Heat-sensitive, non-conductive, combined materials with filigree web widths. Parts with thin-walled webs and fine contours. Medical workpieces made from titanium, magnesium, special alloys, ceramics etc. without any structural changes or contamination. Precious metals, non-ferrous metals: Material remains unchanged. Glass, laminated glass, coated glass without micro-cracks. Bio-compatible materials with complex contours at high precision.

Wherever your challenge lies - microwaterjet® is the solution.

microwaterjet® M5

Double autonomy

The microwaterjet® M5 offers precision, flexibility, reliability and autonomy.

Cutting area on the microwaterjet® M5:


- Axis travel X/Y 2000 x 1000 mm

microwaterjet® F4.
No heat development.

The microwaterjet® F4 combines the precision of WEDM (Wire) and micro-laser cutting systems with the unique and diverse range of possible applications associated with waterjet technology. No heat development, heat-sensitive materials such as non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites, titanium and others can be cut cold with outstanding precision and without material deformations. For materials that have been surface-coated prior to cutting, the coating is retained up to the cut edge. There are no recast layers at the cut edges.

Working range on the microwaterjet® F4:

- Axis travel X/Y 1000 x 600 mm
- Axis travel Z 140 mm

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